Live on Purpose

Live on Purpose: 90 Ways to Jump-Start Your Inspired Life

Feeling stuck? ‘Live on Purpose’ isn’t just another self-help book; it’s a visually stunning journey towards finding your true purpose.

Each of the 90 actionable strategies are presented on beautifully designed, full-color pages to inspire and motivate daily engagement.

•Discover strategies to live fully and intentionally.

•Easy and practical exercises.
•Inspiration to transform your relationships, career, and everyday happiness.


With thought-provoking content and pleasing visuals, every page is a step toward a life filled with excitement and purpose. Don’t wait for change—embrace it. Start your journey to a more meaningful and vibrant life today.

Available in softcover and ebook

Life-Mastering Habit Tracker

Life-Mastering Habit Tracker [Full-Color Version]

Full color version of Tashai’s popular
‘Life-Mastering Habit Tracker’

You only have a finite amount of time here on the planet, why waste even one second of it? If you’re feeling like you don’t have enough hours in the day, then this book is for you!

•Are you consciously moving toward your goals each and every day?
•Are your daily habits contributing to your success?
•Or do your days feel like they’re slipping away like sand through your fingers?


Want to get to the next level? Consistent daily practices and exercises will make all the difference in your life. And how do you stick with them? This beautiful tracker book is the answer. It provides you with both visual motivation and a point and reward system. Don’t underestimate its simplicity. This easy-to-use tracker tool really works! Includes a chapter on how to use your tracker for getting the best results. What are you waiting for? The time is now.

Available in softcover and ebook

Life-Mastering Habit Tracker

Life-Mastering Habit Tracker [Black & White Version]

Same quality book as the full-color version but in glorious black & white. 

Available in softcover

Fill the Gap

Fill The Gap: How to Manifest From Where You Are Now to the Life You Want

Do you crave the life of your dreams but doubt that it is really possible?

What if there was an easy way to manifest it? There is!

•Mindfully connect with your inner guidance.

•Get into your natural flow and leave struggle behind.

•Align with your birthright and become empowered.

•Shine your unique light and claim your greatest dreams.

•Expand your current life situation into something intentional and beautiful.

Available in softcover and ebook