Strategic Book Coaching

Why book coaching?

Do you have a powerful story to tell, yet you’re struggling with the writing process? Maybe you’re feeling stuck, having trouble turning your ideas into a compelling book? Or you have a completed manuscript, yet don’t know where to go from there?

You’ve come to the right place. Tashai’s exclusive book-coaching services are designed to unlock your full potential and guide you through the various stages of the writing process to publication and even bestseller status.
Whether you’re grappling with writer’s block, lacking motivation, or just feeling overwhelmed by the creative process, you’ll get personalized one-on-one assistance tailored to your specific needs. From idea development to outlining and the structuring of your manuscript, Tashai helps you get passed the obstacles and offers accountability so your vision comes to fruition. 

Coaching will be tailored to your unique situation:

 •Your manuscript is not yet written, and you need assistance with getting started.
 •It is partially completed, yet you’re stuck and unsure how to proceed.
 •It is written but has global issues with structure, tone, voice, or narrative arc.
 •It may or may not be completed, but you need advice on how to publish, leverage, and monetize your book.

To begin, schedule a free no-obligation 30 minute Zoom discovery call to discuss your project and see how Tashai and her team can help make your book a success!

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Manuscript Evaluation Service

Unlock the full potential of your manuscript with our comprehensive Manuscript Evaluation. My team and I will thoroughly review your entire manuscript, considering your publishing goals and target audience.


Here’s what you can expect from this service:

•Receive a multi-page editorial letter filled with big-picture recommendations tailored to your specific needs. This letter will highlight the strengths of your manuscript and identify areas for improvement.
•Benefit from advice on self-editing techniques. Our feedback is designed to empower you to refine your manuscript and elevate your writing skills.
•Some mark-up may appear on the actual manuscript as reference to points in the editorial letter.


Our Manuscript Evaluation is designed to give you a clear understanding of your manuscript’s current state, identify trends in your writing, and help you become a better self-editor.


Exclusive Offer: If you choose to seek further professional services after your evaluation, we offer a 10% discount on any editorial or book design services you schedule within 90 days.


Service Comparison:

Manuscript Evaluation: Quick and efficient, focusing on broad feedback and self-editing guidance.
Developmental Editing: A more detailed and in-depth process, providing extensive feedback and comprehensive editorial support.


Click here for a more detailed comparison between Manuscript Evaluation and Developmental Editing. 

Developmental Editing

Editing is an involved and many layered procedure, but usually, the first step is Developmental Editing. This is the process where we focus on the big picture.

The purpose of developmental editing is to improve the structure, content, and overall effectiveness of your manuscript. The DE’s job is to help you craft a clear and engaging narrative that organizes and presents your material in the most logical way for readers.

This is significant because it can take a good book to the next level and facilitate a deeper connection between the author and reader.


Some common issues that developmental editing can address are:

•effective manuscript structure

•premise gaps

•enhanced readability and flow

•ensured consistency

•refining unclear or ineffective writing style

•maximizing reader engagement


Tashai and her team will examine your entire manuscript, considering all aspects of the book, including its narrative and flow. They will also consider readability, plot, and structure. Her team will make the editing suggestions, and you are free to implement any and all that resonate with you.


(Note: If the manuscript is in need of line-editing, such as sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling, this is not included with the developmental editing. Typically, line-editing  and copy editing occur later in the process and are their own separate services. Although, Tashai will make you aware if your manuscript is in need of these types of edits.)

Professional Book Interior Layout & Formatting

Why does your book needs this?

Book layout and formatting is the art of arranging and structuring the visual elements of a book to enhance its readability, aesthetics, and overall impact. A well-designed interior layout eliminates distractions and allows the reader to enjoy every word of the prose. 

The design of a book interior goes beyond just choosing fonts and margins. It encompasses the thoughtful arrangement of chapters, headings, images, and whitespace. Effective book layout and formatting play a crucial role in providing a seamless reading experience and conveying the author’s message with clarity and professionalism.


To get started, schedule a free no-obligation discovery call to discuss your project. If we’re a good fit for you, we’ll have you submit your completed manuscript in a Word doc. See details below.


Price determination:
In order to provide you with an accurate quote for your book layout, Tashai and her team will need to see the entire manuscript to determine the length and complexity of the formatting. If there are images, photos, graphics or tables, they’ll need these as well. If you have any special formatting requirements such as specialized chapter pages, deviations from the standard book page headers, unusual spacing, or other atypical  formatting concepts, now is the time to let us know.


How to submit your manuscript and media to receive a quote, click here.

Professional Custom Book Cover Design

Why a custom book cover?

A crucial yet often overlooked key to the success of your book is the cover. The importance of a modern, professional thumbnail image cannot be overstated when it comes to getting online scrollers to stop and click on your title.

It is what potential customers see first. A book cover serves as the gateway to your story, enticing the perfect readers to purchase your work. First impressions matter and a dynamic cover layout provides an immediate signal of quality. It is more than a mere decorative feature, your cover is a powerful marketing tool that will draw readers into your world and elevate your chances of success.
This package is for you if all of the following are true:
•You know a custom cover design is important and you want it for your book. 
•Your title and subtitle are finalized and locked.
•You know the final page count of your formatted book (this determines the spine width).
For inquiries, schedule a free no-obligation 30-minute Zoom discovery call to discuss the overall theme of your book, the style and design you are looking for, the color palette, and other details.
What you provide to us:
•high-resolution ready-to-use author photo(s) requiring no editing or touch-up
•synopsis blurb for back cover
•author bio for back cover
•testimonials for front or back cover (optional)
Standard book sizes include 5×8” or 6×9” (but other sizes are available too). We design a cover layout according to your book theme and the style you are looking for. Artwork, graphics, and design elements are incorporated into the front, spine, and back cover. 
What you get:
•one print-ready high-resolution custom cover image which includes front, spine, and back (300 DPI)
•one upload-ready high resolution ebook cover file
Schedule your free no-obligation 30-minute Zoom discovery call by clicking the button below.

Upload to Amazon

Why have us upload your book to Amazon? is the top bookseller marketplace in the world. If you have a book, it makes wise sense to have it available on this site.

Yet, do you find yourself daunted by the technicalities of the actual upload process? Or perhaps your busy schedule leaves you with little time to spare. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.
Our hassle-free service is designed to take the this burden off your shoulders. We specialize in professionally uploading self-published books to the Amazon platform, allowing you to focus on what you do best, writing.
Uploads can include hardcovers, softcovers, ebooks, audiobooks, your author page, and additional publisher A+ content.
This service is ideal for you if:
•You have a completed book.
•It has been professionally formatted.
•You have a book cover.
•You want it available to as many potential buyers as possible.
•You want someone else (Amazon) to handle the actual production, packaging, and shipment of your books after they sell.
We offer you time-saving convenience, a seamless stress-free experience, and expert assistance navigating the intricacies of Amazon’s publishing requirements. In addition to uploading your book and cover, we fill in the all-important category and keyword info that you provide, set up your author page, and offer the option of adding A+ content to your Amazon book listing page (which makes your book stand out from the crowd).
Schedule a free no-obligation 30-minute Zoom discovery call to learn how we can help.

Pricing for services is dependent upon the scope of your project.

Don’t hesitate to set up a free, no-obligation Discovery Call so we can determine

a fair and honest quote that fits your needs.


Tashai and her team have years of experience in the independent book publishing world. 

No matter where you are on your journey, they can help you get your book completed, published, and launched.