Popping the Bubble is a free 7-day self-empowering course that can reignite and realign your life! By reconnecting with your inner guidance, you will begin to pop the bubble of disillusionment and bring clarity and purpose back into your everyday experience. 

Be sure to partake in the day’s exercise outlined in the video and take note of how your connection to your own inner wisdom comes to life by week’s end. 

Click the link below to download and read the Hella Helpful Resource List PDF. Then start each morning by watching the video(s) for that day (Day 1 A&B, Day2, Day3, etc.).

Download a PDF list of examples of different types signs you may receive from your inner guidance. How do you know if these are actual harbingers meant for you? How do they make you feel? Bright, excited, joyful? If you are uplifted, then you are being guided.

Now relax, have fun, and let the process work for you.