Welcome to Popping the Bubble, a free 7-day self-empowering course that can reignite and realign your life by reconnecting you with your inner guidance.

The following is a free home study course designed to help you connect with your inner guidance. Why inner guidance? When you learn to truly recognize and follow your inner promptings, the world changes. Doors open, the right people show up, and things just work out for you in beautiful and harmonious ways. It will affect every facet of your life! Success is waiting for you. This is a seven day course with one video (sometimes more) for you to watch per day. And you will be asked to meditate each day too. Why meditation? It is through the calming of the mind that you will really begin to connect to your inner guidance. Before you begin, download the free Hella Helpful Resource List (click button below). This pdf can help you choose a sound source that you will use to focus on while you meditate. When you are ready, watch both Day 1 videos and start your first meditation. Congratulations on taking this next step in your life of success and happiness!

You will begin to pop the bubble of disillusionment and bring clarity and purpose back into your everyday experience. 

Videos Day 1 to 7:

Are you being prompted by your inner guidance? Click the button below to download an example list of different signs you might receive. The forms they take are personal to you. They can be as varied as there are human beings on the planet. What’s meaningful to one may be inconsequential to another.

So how do you know if these are actual harbingers meant for you? Simple. Ask yourself how they make you feel. Bright, excited, joyful? If you are uplifted by what you are experiencing, then you are being guided.

Bonus Audio Downloads:

Now relax, have fun, and let the process work for you.